Oprah Talks "The Butler" and her Return to Acting on "Good Morning America"

Oprah Talks

Making the rounds to promote her new movie, Oprah Winfrey appeared on “Good Morning America” in New York City on Tuesday (August 6).

The Queen of Daytime wore a pretty knee-length purple dress as she arrived ready to talk up “Lee Daniels” The Butler.”

During the interview with Robin Roberts, the 59-year-old media mogul talked about being convinced to join the project, explaining, “I said yes though because of the story.I though the opportunity to share this story with America.It is a great American story told through the eyes and soul, so beautifully, by Forrest Whitaker.”

Later, she added, “Not often do you see middle class African-American families with this kind of tenderness and connection, longevity.”

Though Oscar buzz is already underway, Oprah shares how insecure she was about taking the role, saying, “I was very nervous about acting because it”s like picking up an instrument and you haven”t played in fifteen years,” explaining how she then contacted an acting coach.Check out a video of her interview below.

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