Oprah Meets with One Direction Backstage at the "Jonathon Ross Show"

Oprah Meets with One Direction Backstage at the

In preparation for their big debut on the “Jonathon Ross Show,” One Direction met with media mogul Oprah Winfrey backstage on Friday (November 15).

The 59-year-old posted a quick tweet about the experience that day, writing, “Backstage at @jonathanrossshow London with @onedirection #cuteboys.”

When the band went on air with Jonathon, they talked girls. Lots of girls. The talk show host asked Harry Styles about what he was looking for in a girlfriend. The 19-year-old said, “I think you know when you find someone, I guess. I think, just someone whos nice.” When asked about his relationship with the beautiful Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne, Harry simply replied, “I”m friends with them.”

Ross also asked the difficult question of whether any of them would consider a solo career, Harry replied, saying, “I think were just so busy at the moment that theres no way we would have time anyway, but I think we just have so much fun, doing this and we want to all be doing this for a long time…So I just think well keep working hard and having fun and see what happens.”

Liam Payne also detailed the incident when a fan broke into his hotel room to steal his. About the moment, he said, “It was a really weird, weird experience. It was quite strange. This girl kind of like half opened my door when I was in bed and I turned around and saw this eye peeking through. She was trying to break in.”

The show then continued with a few more comic moments involving the bathroom, and featuring Oprah and Forest Whitaker discussing their new movie, “The Butler.”