‘ on TV’ — Memorial Day Show … YOU CALL IT!

We’ve done pies-to-the-face, snowball fights, karaoke wars, sketch-offs and more … but this year we’re looking for something really DIFFERENT for our annual Memorial Day show! 

We need your ideas … so fire ‘em in – and if Harvey picks yours as the theme for our show, we’ll give you a $100 gift card to the our sources store!! Think about all the our sources dog bowls you can buy!

FYI – here are the ideas Harvey has already shot down: 
1)    Dunk tank – we give Harvey clues about the video and if he guesses wrong, KASPLOOSH! 
2)    BBQ Pot Luck – Everyone brings in food, best dishes get to pitch video 
3)    Bikini party – Harvey says, “No one wants to see that.”

WARNING – we can’t do nudity, violence, fecal matter … and no, we’re not going to kill ourselves either (sorry). 

Contest closes on Friday May 17 at 5 pm PT.  Click HERE for official rules and regulations

Good luck!!