Olivia Wilde??s Musical Manhattan Stroll

Olivia Wilde??s Musical Manhattan Stroll

Setting her own soundtrack to the city, Olivia Wilde listened to some music while making her rounds in the Big Apple this afternoon (April 11).

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone starlet popped on a pair of headphones and enjoyed a leisurely stroll around NYC while sipping a cup of coffee.

And while theres been no official word yet as to Olivias wedding date with Jason Sudeikis, insiders insist the nuptials will be in Spring 2014.

This time around, Ms. Wilde plans to do things differently, as her first marriage to Tao Ruspoli obviously didnt work out.

Olivia previously told press, “I really had a sense that I had stunted my growth. I think that”s one of the things that made me feel so uncomfortable in my marriage. It was really no fault of my husband. It was me realizing that I had sort of arrested development. I knew the only way I was going to grow the f**k up was to learn to take care of myself.”