Olivia Wilde Gets "The Most Hilarious Abuse" from Beliebers After Justin Bieber Tweet: Watch Here!

Olivia Wilde Gets

Inciting anger among 35 million Beliebers, Olivia Wilde recently spoke about the backlash from a tweet she posted about the Canadian pop star.

Earlier this month, the 29-year-old actress poked the hornet”s nest by tweeting, “Bieber, put your F**king shirt on,” in reference to a shirtless London photo of the 19-year-old singer.

In an interview with CNN, the “Tron: Legacy” star talked about the response from Justin”s fans, calling the Twitter comments, “the most hilarious abuse.”

Insisting that it was meant with “all the love in the world,” Olivia clarified that it was “something I”d say to my little brother. And I probably have said it. “Put your shirt on. It”s cold out there.”” So, settle down, Beliebers. Check out Ms. Wilde”s explanation in the interview below.