Olivia Wilde: David Blaine is Doing "Tricks" At Our Wedding

Olivia Wilde: David Blaine is Doing

Stepping out for some promotional duties for her upcoming film “Drinking Buddies,” Olivia Wilde paid a visit to the “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Monday (August 19).

The “Butter” babe looked absolutely stunning in an all-white dress as she took her seat next to the talk show host for a chat.

While discussing her upcoming wedding plans, Miss Wilde explained her meet and greet American illusionist, David Blaine.

“He was shooting his special that he”s doing and he came over to do some magic,” the 29-year actress said. “He wanted us to also hold him under water for 15 minutes. The best was he said “It doesn”t matter if I”m thrashing, if I”m begging for my life, you can”t let me up. You just have to hold me down.”

Olivia laughed and added. “I just don”t want that responsibility.”

When asked what he was going to do at the wedding, she said, “I don”t know, do tricks I-I don”t know. [Maybe he could do Pick-A-Card] and then your vows are on the card. We should incorporate him in the wedding.”