Olivia Munn Talks "The Newsroom" in S Moda November 2013

Olivia Munn Talks

Taking time away from the set of her hit HBO series “The Newsroom,” Olivia Munn fronted the November 2013 issue of S Moda magazine.

During her interview with the Spanish publication, the “Magic Mike” star opened up about taking on the role as Sloan and revealed her thoughts about doing the infamous Playboy shoot.

Highlights from Miss Munn”s Q&A session are as follows. For more, be sure to visit S Moda!

On working on the set of “The Newsroom”:
“I love being part of that team and work with [Aaron] Sorkin. The only reason that I can like someone is by their scripts. Not my merit. We all want to work with [Sorkin], his dialogues are great. When I heard about “The Newsroom” I was doing “The Daily Show” and knew that I would regret if I did that bet.”

On becoming Sloan:
“Sloan is fiercely loyal and if you ask any of my friends, [they will tell you that too. Also she does not need to justify her actions, and that is my philosophy. When I was little, we moved every so often and I had to make new friends. I realized that I could not like everyone, I had to feel comfortable with my imperfections because people noticed them right away. I wanted to give that character that determination. I was inspired by many woman I know.”

On posing for Playboy:
“Hated that photo shoot. [I] will never do it again. I [said] I [would not] undress and [it was] included in the contract, but they were pushing me to do it. I agreed to pose because it was a special issue. It is still an hour and is a major magazine. It meant sacrificing any of my principles.”