Olivia Munn Talks Self Confidence in Flare July 2013

Olivia Munn Talks Self Confidence in Flare July 2013

She”s gearing up for the season premiere of her hit HBO series “The Newsroom” and during promotions, Olivia Munn rocked the cover ofFlare magazine”s July 2013 issue.

While donning designer duds from Roland Mouret and Stella McCartney for the Autumn De Wilde-shot spread, the “Magic Mike” hottie dished about her relationship with “The Killing” actor Joel Kinnaman and how she gained self-confidence.

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On her time with Joel:
“We”re big homebodies. I think the biggest misconception men have about women is that if we go on a date with them or have sex with them, we want to marry them right away. Because: I”m the girl, and you”re the guy. No, no – sometime you”re the girl and I”m the guy. He has to remind me, it”s been a year and this many!”

On her struggles with self-confidence:
“I grew up my whole life being told, “You”re not good enough, you”re not smart enough, you”re not pretty enough.” It does affect you. It made me more antisocial probably, and not [able to] trust people as much. But I kind of knew, this sucks, but I”ma kid and I can”t go anywhere, so hold on.”

On trying to stick to strict diets:
“I”m getting better about trying to eat better. As of yesterday. I tend to migrate toward the friend things. I”d get a hamburger just because it automatically comes with fries. I”m not asking for the fries though. They just come with it. Restraint is important. I tried to restrain myself from french fries – I came up with a compromise!”

On being known for only her sex appeal:
“There”s apparently no way that I can embrace my sexuality, be on the cover of a men”s magazine, and also be thoughtful and smart, and I know what the Pythagorean theorem is. if you don”t like that I”m being sexual, or letting myself be objectified, then you better not own a push-up bra and wear it outside the house.”