Olivia Munn Talks Newsroom in Bello June 2013

Olivia Munn Talks Newsroom in Bello June 2013

With her hit HBO series “Newsroom” nearing its anticipated second season premiere, Olivia Munn graces the cover of Bello magazine”s June 2013 issue.

While donning a gorgeous sequenced Falsuni and Shane peacock dress for Aleksandar Tomovic spread, the “Magic Mike” dame opened up about the pressures in Hollywood and even reveals a spoiler.

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On never letting Hollywood get her down:
“There”s still this hustle. You just got to keep your head down and work hard. And sometimes you have to play the game because everything in life is a game. You have to know how to deal with the politics of the profession. Then, after you work hard, when you can, you can change the game.”

On her character Sloan:
“She”s more involved in more news stories, and there”s this season long arc about a story that jeopardizes everyone”s career, and she”s involved in that as well.”

On playing a smart and sexy character:
“I don”t see how [women] have to be or should be compartmentalized. I just play [Sloan] straight and strong, so whatever you take away from it…. The way she looks has nothing to do with how far she is.”