Olivia Munn Talks Czech Swing Snafu on ??The Late Show?

Olivia Munn Talks Czech Swing Snafu on ??The Late Show?

Shes always been pretty fearless when it comes to trying new things, and Olivia Munn made David Letterman cringe with her story of falling off a swing during a recent visit to the Czech Republic.

During her interview on The Late Show last night (August 27), the Newsroom stunner confessed that shes quite clumsy and her body oftentimes pays a steep price.

Munn began, I shouldnt be allowed in public most times. I do the stupidest things and sometimes even the people around me are like, Its good that we just keep you inside.

We were in Prague and there was this indoor swing inside the apartment and so I thought it would be really cool to try to get parallel to the second floor.

And so I was swinging and my brother, an engineer, he was pushing me and he even said to me afterwards, You know, I thought to myself shes going to fall on this push or the next.

Of course, Olivia brought video footage of the whole ordeal and explained to Letterman that even two weeks after the accident shes still pretty sore.