Olivia Munn: Summery in NYC

Olivia Munn: Summery in NYC

Checking some items off of her to-do list, Olivia Munn ran some errands in New York City on Tuesday (June 25).

The “Newsroom” cutie wore white jeans and a white and blue tee shirt as she took a break on a park bench to chat on her phone.

Last week, the Oklahoma native spoke with reporters about the second season of her hit HBO drama, where she portrays Sloan Sabbith.

Asked about her characters growth, Olivia noted, “The biggest thing that I”ve seen with Sloan this year is that she is getting more involved in news stories. What I love about Sloane so much, and what we got to see in season one, is that she”s got this great drive to tell stories that really matter.”

A new season of “the Newsroom” debuts on Sunday, July 14 on HBO.