Olivia, Bono, and Richard: Toilet Strike Supporters

Olivia, Bono, and Richard: Toilet Strike Supporters

Its a brilliant initiative to raise awareness of the deplorable sanitation and water situation in communities around the world, and Matt Damon”s Toilet Strike just scored three new members.

Olivia Wilde, Bono, and Richard Branson all appear in a brand new video for Water.org, pledging to forego bathroom conveniences until the problem is solved.

The trio declares, “We won”t go to the bathroom until everyone in the world has access to clean water and sanitation.”

“Millions of people each day spend hours just fetching clean water. 780 million peoplethat”s one in ninelacks access to safe water, stated Bono on a serious note. He also joked, I remember when Matt first brought up the idea, it was at a meeting of the Illuminati.”

Damon added, “Join the millions of famous people who”ve already joined my strike, and remember, if you don”t use the toilet, you”re a celebrity.”