OJ Simpson — I’m Going On Tour (If I Get Out Of Jail)

OJ Simpson i
s already planning life after jail — despite the fact that his conviction has yet to be overturned — and priority numero uno: a massive college speaking tour to line his pockets.

Simpson is gunning for a retrial in his 2007 armed robbery case, for which he”s currently serving out a 33-year-sentence. If a new trial happens, and his conviction is overturned, Simpson”s time behind bars could be drastically reduced.

With high hopes of getting out soon, Simpson reportedly told a source close to The NY Post that he plans to go on a nationwide college tour to make some cold, hard cash speaking about the Nicole Brown murder case.

OJ told the source, “I”m excited. I mean, they teach the “Trial of the Century” in school, so who better to talk about it than me”

According to the report, Simpson could make up to $1,000 per speech.