‘Office’ Star James Spader — Did He Just Diss The Show???

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He was the CEO of Dunder Mifflin … he terrorized Andy Bernard … but former “Office” star James Spader tells our sources he just didn”t care enough about the show to watch the series finale back in May.

A well-dressed Spader — who played Robert California on the NBC sitcom — was hanging out at Comic-Con yesterday when he asked if he enjoyed the way the show wrapped up after 9 seasons on the air.

“I didn”t see it,” Spader revealed … which is kinda shocking considering he was a major character on the show for all of Season 8. He was essentially hired to replace Steve Carell.

So why didn”t he watch the finale Was it a diss Was he just really busy Or, like the rest of America, did he just get bored with the storyline 

The U.K. finale was better anyway.