Octomom — SCAMMED Tax Payers Out of Thousands (Allegedly)

Exclusive 0719-octomom-nadya-tmz
Octomom has been HOSING taxpayers by illegally collecting welfare … and now we know how much she nabbed.

our sources broke the story … the L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud prevention seized Nadya Suleman“s financial records, after getting a tip that the mother of 14 was collecting gov funds, despite making more than $200,000 in 2012.

FYI — Octo can only collect welfare if she rakes in less than $119,000 a year.

Here”s what we now know:

— From Jan. to May 2013 she got $6,666 (appropriate #, right) she had no right to collect
— From Jan. to May 2013 she got $9,016 in Food Stamps she shouldn”t have gotten

All totaled = $15,683.00 (that”s just for 4 months).

The investigation continues. Octo could be charged with welfare fraud — a felony.  If convicted she faces prison time.