Octomom — I Was Harassed by Virgin America Flight Crew

Nadya Suleman
says she recently endured the flight from hell — but it wasn”t the passengers or turbulence that ruined her trip … it was the flight crew of Virgin America.

Octomom”s manager, Gina Rodriguez, tells our sources the two were going from LAX to NYC on Tuesday — for some run of the mill porn press — but claim the flight turned into a nightmare when the cabin crew purposely treated them like crap.

Rodriguez says they were forced to change seats, never got their beverages, overheard the crew laughing at them … and Rodriguez says she was kicked out of the bathroom by a flight attendant for no apparent reason.

Rodriguez says she and Octo confronted the flight attendants responsible for the shoddy treatment and claim one snapped back, “I know who you guys are!”

Octo was so upset over the incident, she filed a report with the airline against the crew. She tells our sources, “I was shocked to say the least how poorly they treated me on the plane. I would never book a flight on Virgin America again.”

Calls to Virgin were not returned.