O.J. Simpson — The Tax Liens Just Keeeeeep On Coming

Exclusive 0317_oj_simspn_gettyIf O.J. Simpson“s new goal in life is to be on the IRS” s**t list forever … he”s doing a great job … because the agency just filed ANOTHER tax lien against him to the tune of $63,413.79.

Uncle Sam filed the lien in Florida earlier this month, claiming Simpson still needs to cough up income taxes from the year 2006.

our sources broke the story (ies) … Simpson”s knee-deep in tax debt already. He has federal liens against him totaling over $190,000 for the years 2007-2011, and the State of CA issued a tax lien against him for $318,566.04 for the year 2000.

All totaled … it”s about $580,000 of debt.

Hey, we”d say throw his ass in jail … but he”s already there.