O.J. Simpson Testifies [LIVE]

O.J. Simpson is on the stand in his bid for a new trial, begging the judge to give him a second shot in the 2007 armed robbery case that landed him in prison … and we”ll be live streaming his testimony.

O.J. is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence, but he”s asking for a new trial on grounds his previous attorney Yale Galanter torpedoed the case to save his own neck.

O.J. claims Galanter knew about his plan to retrieve the memorabilia from the 2 memorabilia collectors … and advised O.J. not to take the stand in his defense so he wouldn”t name Galanter as a witness.

Simpson was famously grilled on the stand in the 1996 civil trial when he was found liable for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman — but he”s never spoken under oath in a criminal case.

So, this will be interesting.0515_OJ_STAND