O.J. Simpson Asks the Parole Board for Leniency

O.J. Simpson Asks the Parole Board for Leniency

Claiming to be an ideal prisoner, a contrite OJ Simpson asked the courts for leniency on Thursday (July 25) in hopes of getting his prison sentence cut short.

The 66-year-old appeared in a Carson City, Nevada courtroom Thursday via a video broadcast from the prison where hes housed. Five years into his 33-year term, he begged the Board of Parole Commissioners for mercy.

“I am just sorry I had to send the state of Nevada legal system through all of this, because I know it has not been fun for the people involved,” Simpson said.

In 2008, Simpson was convicted of holding up two men at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room in an attempt to recover old keepsakes he claimed were rightfully his.

“I just wish I never went to that room. I wish I just said “Keep it, O.J. added. Simpson said his time behind bars has been somewhat illuminating at times and painful a lot of times,” but he pointed to his self-proclaimed model behavior at the Lovelock Correctional Center in an effort to prove he”s been rehabilitated.

In the late 1990s, Simpsons murder trial of the century ended in acquittal. He was charged with killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. The parole board has yet to make a ruling.