'NY Housewives' Star Cindy Barshop — I'm Making My Merkins Fur-Free!

Cindy Barshop
Former “Real Housewives of New York” star Cindy Barshop has heard the cries of the anti-fur community and had a change of heart — she”s going to make her new line of luxury merkins fur-free!

As first reported, the “RHONY” is selling the pubic wigs at her NYC waxing salon, Completely Bare. One of the merkins used real fox fur — which, according to our sources, drew lots of hate mail and threats in Cindy”s direction. 

So, we”re told, plans to use the real fox fur have been scrapped and instead she”ll go with faux fur.

Now you don”t have to worry about PETA throwing paint on your nether regions.