NueveMom Cometh — Mexican Woman Karla Vanessa Perez Reportedly Pregnant with NINE Kids

Karla Vanessa Perez
Adios OctoMom … “cause there”s a lady in Mexico who”s reportedly pregnant with NINE KIDS!!!!

According to reports, NueveMom has been identified as Karla Vanessa Perez … who”s one month away from giving birth to 6 girls and 3 boys.

Just like Nadya Suleman, NueveMom reportedly had fertility treatments leading up to the multiple pregnancy.

NueveMom told Mexico”s Notimex news agency, “It”s very early to think of names for the babies … first I hope that everything goes well.”

So far, it”s unclear if Perez is married … rich … sane, etc.