Nolan Gerard Funk Talks Hollywood Struggles in Flaunt

Nolan Gerard Funk Talks Hollywood Struggles in Flaunt

With his upcoming flick “Riddick” slated to hit theaters September 6th, Nolan Gerard Funk snagged a feature in Flaunt magazine”s Dye issue.

During his Q&A session, the 27-year-old actor chatted about his role alongside Lindsay Lohan in “The Canyons” and reveals his career woes when he first came to Los Angeles.

Check out GossipCenter”s recap of Mr. Funk”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Flaunt!

On “The Canyons”:
“I was lucky that I started working at a younger age. By the time I did this project, Id been lucky enough to be on Broadway and man different projects.”

On his acting struggles:
“There were some death threats. There were some cockroaches. Some blood. Obviously you know what its like to come out to L.A. I mean, my first years out here I took the bus to all my castings. You know, I was so driven. At that point I just had so much energy that I could commute like, six hours all across town for all these different meetings. But I definitely know what its like to come to L.A. with a dream and struggle and be dealing with shady people with ulterior motives.”