Noah Wyle — Martin Sheen Inspired Me … to Get Arrested

Noah Wyle appeared cool, calm and collected this morning after he was arrested in a Washington D.C. protest … claiming he was just following in the illegal footsteps of a Hollywood icon — Martin Sheen.

On his way through Dulles International Airport, Wyle was asked who pulled off a better civil disobedience arrest — him or his former “E.R.” co-star George Clooney … when Wyle dropped Charlie Sheen”s father”s name.

In case you didn”t know, Martin Sheen”s is a famed activist — who claims he was arrested more than 60 times for various political protests throughout the years.

As we previously reported, Wyle was busted on Capitol Hill … while hoping to convince congress to prevent Medicaid cuts that would allegedly force a bunch of sick and elderly people into nursing homes.

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