Noah Wyle — I Own a Piece of Jackie Robinson History

Exclusive 052213_noah_wyle_launchNoah Wyle has a killer sports memorabilia collection — KILLER — and last night, the “Falling Skies” actor revealed his most prized possession … and it has to do with Jackie Robinson.

Wyle was leaving Madeo last night with his girlfriend Sara Wells when we started talking baseball … since the the former “ER” star is known for being an avid baseball card collector.

But when it came to the crown jewel of Wyle”s collection — it wasn”t a card … but it has something to do with the 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers, one of the most important squads in the history of baseball.

And why, you ask Just take a look at the roster — Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges, Duke Snider and Joe Black, the first African American to pitch in a World Series game.

Pretty sweet, Wyle.