Noah Cyrus in Teen Vogue May 2013: Justin Bieber Was My First Love

Noah Cyrus in Teen Vogue May 2013: Justin Bieber Was My First Love

She”s one of Justin Bieber”s biggest fans, and now Noah Cyrus is explaining why in the May 2013 issue of Teen Vogue.

While enjoying some quality time with her horse Constantine during the Pamela Hanson photo shoot, the younger sister to “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus dished about everything from her affection towards Justin to her famous family.

“When I met Justin Bieber, I could barely speak,” the 13-year-old actress admits. “I was just going crazy inside. It was at an award show in Canada, and after he went and changed for his next set, I kind of stole his clothes. He doesn”t know it yet.”

“Miley”s stylist dressed him for that event, and they had his stuff, so I took it home. Justin was my first love,” she added.

Meanwhile, the dark-haired cutie discussed the pros and cons that come with her famous last name. “There are some ups and downs, but it”s pretty cool because I get to meet a ton of people. Some part are ehhh, not my favorite. Like, the paparazzi drive me insane, but other than that it”s fun.”

In regards to her priorities, Miss Cyrus said, “Right now, I”m really focused on riding horses and competing in shows about once, maybe twice, a month. I want to go to the Olympics for riding and then possibly become a trainer. Maybe I”ll sing and act when I”m older but right now, it”s just about horses.”