Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald: Sushi Sweethearts

Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald: Sushi Sweethearts

Kicking off the weekend a little early, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald showed up at Robata Jinya sushi restaurant for a romantic dinner date last night (March 7).

The Twilight hottie and her American Idol hubby both looked stylish as they strolled out of the popular Los Angeles eatery to find a few shutterbugs waiting for them.

Nikki is featured in the new Hanson music video for Get the Girl Back, along with her 2 Broke Girls gal pal Kat Dennings.

In a recent interview, Reed explained, “We didn”t know we were Hanson fans until we both signed onto the video. It was a weird, secret obsession that we both had and kept to ourselves.

“I wrote [Hanson] fan mail. That”s how my relationship with them started. I mean, I love them. I wrote them fanmail in the hopes that they”d write me back, and Kat did the same thing. That”s how these relationships blossomed. And they called both of us… and then we both showed up to do this video. It could not be any funnier. Just because I see Kat every week. How did I not know this about her”