Nikki Reed & Enzo's Week-Ending Jog through LA

Nikki Reed & Enzo's Week-Ending Jog through LA

Spending another afternoon out with her furry friend, Nikki Reed took Enzo for a doggy jog in Los Angeles on Friday (February 8).

The Twilight hottie sported a hoodie, with a fanny pack and running leggings as she got in her week-ending fitness session.

In related news, Nikki is one of the spokeswomen for Gillettes new Kiss & Tell campaign and recently dished on her facial hair preference.

“I like to go for either totally clean shaven or a real full-on beard,” Miss Reed said while promoting the campaign in NYC. “I think stubble kind of kills the kiss.”

For reference, the 24-year-old actress hubby Paul McDonald rocks a full-on beard.