Nigella Lawson flanked by police as she arrives in court

Nigella Lawson flanked by police as she arrives in court
Nigella Lawson was greeted by a sea of photographers and television crews as she arrived at Isleworth Crown Court on Wednesday morning to give evidence at the trial of her two former personal assistants.

The celebrity chef, wearing a long dark coat, was flanked by a large group of police officers as she prepared to give evidence in the case against Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo, who are accused of fraud.


The Italian sisters deny the charge, which is said to have taken place between January 2008 and last December.

Nigella will testify that the two women spent nearly £700,000 on luxury goods using credit cards.

They were issued with the cards so they could do shopping for the household but the prosecution allege they used them to live the ‘high life’.

On Friday, jurors listened intently as Nigella’s ex-husband Charles Saatchi gave evidence. Details about the breakdown of the couple’s 10-year marriage were played out in the courtroom, taking centre stage over the allegations against the defendants.

Charles arriving at court 29 November

The multi-millionaire said it was a “terrible, terrible mistake” that a private email he sent to Nigella, referring to her as “Higella” and claiming she had been “off her head” on drugs, had been made public.

“I’m utterly bereft that this private email to Nigella has come back to haunt us both,” he said.

Charles and Nigella before their split

Charles said he had “no evidence” that the star had taken any drugs while they were married, and said that the allegations in his letter were made because he “didn’t like reading what the Grillos said was the culture in my house”.

The 70-year-old added, “I adore Nigella now. I absolutely adore Nigella and I’m broken-hearted to have lost her. I wanted her to be happy.”