Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton: Beverly Hills Dinner Date

Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton: Beverly Hills Dinner Date

Stepping out for a gourmet meal, Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton showed up at E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills last night (April 30).

The Dont Cha songstress and her race car-driving beau brought their pet bulldog along for the dinner date as well, and were caught leaving by a swarm of shutterbugs.

In career news, Nicole is waiting to see what her offer will be for the upcoming season of The X Factor, but her man reportedly doesnt want her to return to the gig.

An insider told press, Lewis has said to Nicole this is going to be an awful situation and perhaps she shouldn”t do it. If he thought she had her heart set on returning he wouldn”t say this, but he knows she isn”t desperate to go back and thinks she would be happier if they were together. Nicole is also worried she won”t see much of Lewis so it is a big factor that will deeply affect her decision.

However, if Scherzinger does go back, shell reap a huge raise- Nicole feels she is in a great negotiating position because she was by far the most popular judge last year and Simon should be rewarding her for that. There”s a massive stand-off over her signing the contract – she wants Simon to pay her the extra million, putting her on £1.7 million. He really doesn”t have a choice if he wants her to return to the show.