Nicole Scherzinger in Glamour UK October 2013: Simon Cowell Will be a Good Dad

Nicole Scherzinger in Glamour UK October 2013: Simon Cowell Will be a Good Dad

Adding another magazine cover to her credit, Nicole Scherzinger fronts the October 2013 issue of Glamour UK.

While donning designer garbs from Club Monaco and Peter Jensen for the Simon Emmett-shot spread, the former Pussycat Doll opened up about the end of her five year relationship with Lewis Hamilton and revealed her reaction to Simon Cowell”s new daddy announcement.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Scherzingers interview below. For more, be sure to visit Glamour UK!

On her recent breakup:
“Well, Im still taking all of that in. Im still in the eye of the storm. I know I was genuinely happy for him and I continue to support him. I was his number one believer. I told him he could do anything he wanted and could be anything he wanted. But its its all too personal and too much. To talk about. Im very sacred with my heart. Its all very raw. And happening right now. Im living it. Its not a headline being played out in the press, its reality to me.”

On Simon:
“I would like to congratulate him on the good news. I think hes gonna be a good father. And hell probably have a nation of nannies to help! Hes gonna need a couple of them godmothers, thats for sure!”

On her on stage personality:
“Oh, but its all fun, Im a doll. Im used to being the one on stage, so if I cant have the mic, then Lord have mercy, I better be bringing it somehow! I devote so much time, like seven-hour-straight fittings, with my glam team, trying on things I love. Hair, make-up, eyeliner I have a complete vision.”

On her life without music:
“If I didnt have my career Im sure Id be like my sister, with her three kids. I grew up in Kentucky. Its all about raising a family. All my friends, cousins, everybodys got a kid but me. And its because I am so career driven. Absolutely you make that sacrifice, you live, breathe, eat, sleep your work. You do sacrifice your relationships. You sacrifice even you. But Im a family person, my sisters kids are my pride and joy, I dont go a month without seeing them. So Ill have kids when the time is right.”