Nicolas Cage — Why Are You Wearing Two Pairs of Sunglasses???

Exclusive 0610_nic_cage_tmz2
Nicolas Cage
is a man of mystery … which is why we have NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER for the extra pair of sunglasses he was wearing around his neck last week.

The photo was taken inside a supermarket in Alabama, but other than that … we got nothing. For what it”s worth, he”s down South for a new movie (and no, he does NOT play a four-eyed mutant).

Maybe he was holding the sunglasses for a friend, maybe he”s got a second pair of eyes somewhere on the back of his head … the world will never know.

Still … it”s not that weird considering everything else Cage has done in his life … such as collecting shrunken heads, owning cobras, buying a dinosaur skull … and oh yeah, the pyramid tomb.