Nicki Minaj Pokes Fun at Reporters; Watch Here!

Nicki Minaj Pokes Fun at Reporters; Watch Here!

Poking some fun at the reporters who make their living interviewing celebs, Nicki Minaj interviewed herself for Elle magazine.

Sporting overly styled blonde hair, the Va Va Voom songstress introduces herself as Nicole from Elle and proceeds to act extra excited to interview the lovely Nicki Minaj.

Nodding enthusiastically to every answer, Nicole asks the singer Who is Nicki Minaj to which Minaj replies I am the runaway girl, the little sister that beats up on big brother.

After enquiring about how she got started in rap, the bubbly reporter queries if there is anything to add. With a straight face, the Idol judge says I am going to be artificially inseminated so I never have to have sex with anybody.

Check out the whole interview in the player below!