Nicki Minaj: I'm Working on a New Album

Nicki Minaj: I'm Working on a New Album

If youre ready for catchy new tunes from Nicki Minaj, the wait is almost over.

The Superbass singer told Power 105.1 radio station in New York that she has been quietly working on her next album throughout the past year.

“It”s very different from anything I”ve done, which I”m surprised about,” Minaj said. “I”m not feeling like I did this. I feel like this is next level.”

“And with the album, thank God, I”ve experienced so much in the last year and a half that there is so much for me to talk about and I know my fans are going to be excited about it,” she added.

Nickis last album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 200 charts.