Nicholas Hoult: March 2013 GQ Feature

Nicholas Hoult: March 2013 GQ Feature

With his new movie “Jack The Giant Slayer” out in theatres now, Nicholas Hoult amp”d up promotions with a feature in the March 2013 issue of GQ.

The “Warm Bodies” star looked absolutely dashing as he suited up in Gucci and DKNY for the fashionable Jacob Sutton-shot spread while chatting about being a leading man on the big screen.

Although only describing the anticipated film as a “classic adventure fairy tale sort of thing,” the 23-year-old actor admits that it was difficult relating to his character.

“I did think about going out and working the land for six months before filming, and then I thought, Well, there”s no farming scenes. I”ll just sit back and drink soda,” he explains.

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