NHL Goalie Semyon Varlamov — Allegedly Stomped GF’s Chest, Dragged Her By the Hair

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Colorado Avalanche
goalie Semyon Varlamov showed no mercy during his alleged attack on his girlfriend this week — his GF not only told police he kicked her … she says he stomped her, dragged her around by the hair … then said he”d beat her more if he could.

The alleged domestic violence incident occurred on Monday — according to the Denver police report, Varlamov came to his girlfriend”s house and assaulted her, kicking her in the chest and knocking her down.

Once on the floor, his girlfriend claims he stomped her chest, then grabbed her hair and dragged her out of her bedroom.

Still holding her hair, the GF says Varlamov pushed her face to the floor and told her (in Russian) that if this were Russia, he would have beat her even more. It”s unclear what, if anything, provoked the argument.

The GF was interviewed by police yesterday, and the detective observed bruising on the girlfriend”s arm and hip.

An arrest warrant was subsequently issued for Varlamov, but he has already turned himself in to authorities. He has since been arrested.

Varlamov is currently being held without bond on charges of 2nd degree kidnapping (felony) and assault (misdemeanor).