NFL’er Plaxico Burress — Driver’s License Suspended

Exclusive 0322-plaxico-burress-tmz
Plaxico Burress
finally has an NFL team, but now he might have trouble getting to practice … his driver”s license has been suspended … after failing to cough up a 6-figure judgment to a car crash victim.

According to official records in Florida … Plaxico — who JUST signed a 1-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers this month — will officially lose his driving privileges Monday.

Here”s why … as our sources previously reported, a woman named Alise Smith sued Plaxico, claiming he caused a car crash that injured her.  She won, and he was ordered to pay $125,000 in damages.

According to Alise, Plax never paid (he”s appealing) … so her lawyers fired off a letter to the FL DMV requesting that his license be suspended — yeah they can do that — and the DMV made it happen.

To get it back Plax must pay the judgment OR challenge the DMV”s actions.

Either way … come Monday … it”s carpool time.