NFL Star Randy Moss — Barbershop REVENGE!!!

Randy Moss
Payback is a bitch … and expensive … that”s the lesson one scumbag hair salon owner is learning the hard way after burning NFL superstar Randy Moss for $160k back in 2005.

Back when Moss was playing for the Oakland Raiders, the Pro-Bowler agreed to lend a ton of cash to a hair entrepreneur named Kelvin Jones … who wanted to open a fancy hair salon in Palm Beach, FL.

According to court docs obtained by our sources, Jones was supposed to pay Moss back in 96 easy monthly payments. Problem is … Moss never got his cash. 

Moss claims he tried to collect … but Jones was playing cat and mouse with his assets … so he sued.

But Jones blew off the lawsuit … so the judge ruled in Randy”s favor … which means he”s gotta pay back the entire $160k … plus another $62k in interest, fees and penalties.

Randy is now waiting for the check … but as most Moss fans know … he prefers “straight cash homie.”