NFL Star Major Wright — Sued Over Giant African Diamonds

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NFL stars Major Wright and Terrance Williams just got into serious heat over their side hustle — AFRICAN DIAMONDS — and now they”re being chased down by a couple of scary loan sharks.

Here”s the short of it … when they”re not playing ball, Wright and Williams operate a diamond trading company called TDW Diamonds, and allegedly borrowed $75,000 last year in order to purchase raw South African diamonds (ranging from 21-31.5 carats).

Problem is … the lenders are saying they still haven”t been repaid, and the interest rate is borderline mafia-level.

According to their lawsuit, lenders Jimmy Michel and Marc Geffrard claim Wright & co promised to repay the loan PLUS 100% interest by March 2012 … a total of $150,000 … but that never happened.

It”s now been more than a year and Michel and Geffrard say they still haven”t been paid. They”re suing for the full $150,000 plus even more interest.

P.S. — the loan sharks are gonna get screwed because under Florida law, if anyone charges more than 18 percent on a loan, they forfeit their right to collect any interest at all. So, by (allegedly) signing a dumb contract, the two footballers may have outsmarted the sharks in the end.

Calls to Wright and Williams weren”t returned.