NFL Star Jeremy Shockey — I Want an Apology from the NFL Network

Jeremy Shockey is fuming mad that Warren Sapp labeled him as “the snitch” in the New Orleans Saints infamous “bounty scandal” — and since Sapp called him out not the NFL Network, he wants an apology from Sapp and the league … our sources has learned.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already come out and said that Sapp”s report was “inaccurate,” but we”re told that”s not enough for Shockey. Our sources say the tight end wants a formal retraction and apology from both Sapp and the NFL.

We”re told Shockey has been meeting with legal and business advisors and has not ruled out taking legal action if Sapp and the league don”t apologize. 

Our sources say Shockey could make a decision as early as this week.