NFL Badass Adrian Peterson — I Won’t Let My Son Play Football

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Minnesota Vikings
star Adrian Peterson — aka Purple Jesus … aka one of the greatest running backs of all time — says he”ll NEVER LET HIS SON PLAY FOOTBALL!!!

Peterson was out in Houston last week for All-Star Weekend — carrying his young son — when he said, “This is Adrian Jr. He won”t be playing football.”

There are a million possible reasons for why a dad wouldn”t let his son play football — but coming from one of the greatest NFL players ever, it”s pretty shocking.

The likely explanation … the game of football has recently come under intense scrutiny for its long-term health risks — following the high-profile suicides of several NFL stars, including Junior Seau.

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Would you let your son play football


Would you let your son play football

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Even President Obama has commented on the health concerns — saying if he had a son, he would have to think about whether he would let him play football.

Granted, it”s not like Adrian”s kid will ever need pro football money … but we still gotta ask …