New Trailer Released for "InAPPropriate Comedy": Watch Here!

New Trailer Released for

With the sort of class you”d expect from the ShamWow guy, Freestyle Releasing debuted a new trailer for “InAPPropriate Comedy” on Tuesday (March 12).

Directed by Vince Offer, the sketch movie follows Flirty Harry,a tough, no nonsense cop with a soft middle and a flair for fashion; a sleazy, horny psychologist and a curmudgeonly porn critic alongside his enthusiastic counterpart; Marilyn, living out her fantasy of taking an ultimate revenge on the salivating paparazzi who haunt her; and “The Amazing Racist,” whose hilariously offensive hidden-camera encounters with members of different ethnic and minority groups push everyone”s buttons.

The flick stars Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez, Adrien Brody, Lindsay Lohan, and Ari Shaffir in a loosely-connected skeleton of offensive computer apps.

Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of all the colorful characters and look for “InAPPropriate Comedy” to hit theaters on March 22nd.