New Red Band Trailer for "Only God Forgives" Watch Here!

New Red Band Trailer for

Featuring a bruised and battered Ryan Gosling, a new Red Band trailer for “Only God Forgives” is now online.

Directed by the same helmsman who partnered with the 32-year-old actor in “Drive,” Nicolas Winding Refn, the film follows a Bangkok police lieutenant and a gangster who settle their differences in a Thai boxing match.

Though currently without an official release date, the thriller costars Kristin Scott Thomas. Check out the trailer below, in which the “Notebook” star unleashes his fury and confronts his target, asking, “You wanna fight”

Speaking about the flick to The Playlist, Ryan explains, “Its very extreme. Its part of the same dream as Drive, but its more of a nightmare than a dream but its more extreme.