New NCAA Tournament Uniforms — RIP-OFF of 80s Trend, Says Maker of 80s Trend

Exclusive 0228-adidas-ncaa-jerseys
The new NCAA tournament uniforms are the highest form of flattery — because they”re nothing more than an imitation of Zubaz shorts … at least according to the guys who make the zebra print shorts from the 80s.

Adidas revealed new postseason uniforms today for six of its sponsored teams — Louisville, UCLA, Baylor, Notre Dame, Kansas, and Cincinnati — and they look like the 80s vomited up a bunch of highlighters.

But a company called Zubaz — which made the neon animal print style famous — isn”t offended … telling our sources, “Companies have been ripping off our designs for years but as one of our former partners used to say, “Often imitated, but never duplicated.””

The rep adds … if Adidas ever needs design help, they can contact Zubaz any time.

We”re thinking it”s already too late.