??New Girl? Season Finale: Jake Johnson Talks Taylor Swift & Badger!

??New Girl? Season Finale: Jake Johnson Talks Taylor Swift & Badger!

As the current season of New Girl comes to a close, Jake Johnson is giving fans a sneak preview of what to expect in the finale.

The Safety Not Guaranteed stud told MTV News, “There”s a horse in the episode. There”s a badger in the episode. Taylor Swift is in the episode. And Nick and Jess come to a crossroads of their relationship, and a decision is made.” Johnson explained.

“The badger is very cool. There was a real badger. I don”t know if you know this … to keep the badger in a good mood [is] fed mice heads. Lamorne [Morris] and I were next to it, so [the handler] started feeding it, and Lamorne goes, “What”s that Can I feed it” And she goes, “It”s just a bunch of mice heads.” It”s disgusting. So when you watch it, I want you to think of that sweet little badger devouring the heads of nice mice, not like disgusting mice.”

As for working with Taylor Swift, Johnson gushed, “She was there for only a couple hours. The unbelievable part, the thing I”m most excited about having Taylor Swift is that she signed to a new management company. She switched from her long-time agent. This is breaking news. She is now represented by Jakey J and Maxy G”s 110 Percent Management. We take 35 percent of your income because we give you 110 percent of our energy, focus and love. And, on set, Taylor was just killing it as an actress and singer/songwriter, and Max [Greenfield] and I got to talking to her, and she said, “Yeah.” “

“Taylor Swift is about to be the biggest star in Hollywood thanks to us. I think this kid has real star potential, he added.