Nelly on Miley Cyrus: "She's Standing Up For A Lot of People"

Nelly on Miley Cyrus:

She stunned the nation, and quite possibly the world, with her antics and twerking, and Miley Cyrus is clearly far from quitting. Although many would accuse the 21-year-old songstress of over sexualizing her career, veteran rap artist Nelly is not among them.

“I”m excited to see somebody throw some stuff right back in a lot of people”s face,” Nelly said when he sat with MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway on “RapFix Live” Wednesday (October 2). “I think she”s very smart because I think she”s doin” it on purpose. Everybody”s in an uproar and I”m like go “head, play right into her hands.”

“She”s young, why shouldn”t she do it Somebody else did it their way and wound up being one of the biggest stars on the planet, possibly one of the biggest females of all time in Madonna,” he added. “Don”t nobody say nothin”. Now everybody wanna hold Madonna holidays.”

“She has no reason to be who you want her to be and I think she”s standing up for a lot of people,” he reasoned. “What we do is art, it”s artistic, it”s expression, it don”t have to be politically correct. It”s only wrong when you”re doin” it for the wrong reasons.”