Neighbors to Maria Shriver — TAKE DOWN YOUR XMAS LIGHTS ALREADY!!!

Exclusive 0327_maria_shriver_house_christmas_lights_launchOn the 94th day of ChristmasMARIA SHRIVER STILL HASN”T TAKEN DOWN HER CHRISTMAS LIGHTS … and her Brentwood neighbors are starting to go all Ebenezer Scrooge … our sources has learned.

Sources in Maria”s super fancy Brentwood community tell our sources, the neighbors have been clucking about Maria”s ultra-bright Xmas light display for weeks now … because Christmas is long over, and the lights on the trees around her property have become an eyesore.

In fact, our sources shot video on Maria”s street … and her house is the ONLY ONE that”s still sportin” the Clark Griswold treatment.

We”re told the neighbors haven”t approached Maria directly yet because they like her and don”t want to hurt her feelings … but in typical passive aggressive neighborly fashion, they”re hoping word will make its way back to her.

If not … she can just keep the decorations up until December — after all, it”s only another 271 days until Santa comes back to town.