NBA Star Jermaine O’Neal — I Vent to Germany to Get My Body Vixed

Seems Kobe Bryant started a German trend … “cause NBA star Jermaine O”Neal took Kobe”s lead and flew out to Germany for a special medical procedure that ain”t exactly legal in the U.S. of A. 

34-year-old O”Neal — a 6-time NBA All-Star — just posted a photo standing next to famed German surgeon Dr. Peter Wehling along with the caption, “Just finished up my last day of a week long of treatments out here in germany with the great Dr Wehling!”

There”s only one reason O”Neal would go to Germany — Regenokine … a special procedure involving the manipulation of red blood cells that”s believed to accelerate the body”s healing process.

The only catch … the procedure ain”t exactly approved by the American FDA … “cause according to, it violates an FDA  regulation that mandates that all human tissues (such as blood and bone marrow) can only be “minimally manipulated.”

Obviously O”Neal isn”t afraid … neither is Kobe … and even A-Rod is reported to have gone to Deutschland for a quick German fix-me-up.

It”s unclear which body part O”Neal was hoping to fix — but last year, Wehling reportedly worked on Jermaine”s knees … and it seems to have worked. J.O. played 55 games in the 2012-13 season … the 2nd highest he has played in the last 10 seasons.

The NBA doesn”t seem to mind the procedure … “cause Kobe never faced any repercussions from the league — in fact, he played noticeably BETTER after he came back.

As for O”Neal … he”s not just hungry for an NBA championship … he”s also craving some high quality food … recently tweeting, “Anybody know what”s the best steakhouse to go to out here in Dusseldorf, Germany”

Sorry Jermaine … can”t help ya.