NBA Star Carlos Boozer– I Traded Sand for a $1.8 Million Palace


Chicago Bulls star Carlos Boozer got his groove back this season — just in time to find a sick new $1.8 million Miami mansion.

The b-ball powerhouse traded in the sand-filled backyard of his beachfront condo, but he gained a 7-bedroom, 8.5-bath, 7,250 sq. ft. Miami palace … located just three miles from Biscayne Bay.

The new crib is ripe on amenities too — glass tile pool, full built-in BBQ, all wooden doors, granite countertops and a whopping 16 security cameras rolling 24 hours a day. So now if he trips on any gym bags and breaks his hand … it’ll be caught on tape.

As an added bonus, the house sits on over two acres of landscaped property.

Looks like that $60 million NBA contract does a baller good.