NBA Star Anthony Davis — Alleged College Hazing Video Surfaces

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Video just surfaced of NBA star Anthony Davis being held down butt naked and spanked on his ass — an apparent victim of hazing while at the University of Kentucky.

Davis only attended the University of Kentucky for one season (2011-12) — making him a freshman in the video … where someone, most likely a teammate is smacking his ass in the locker room.

It”s interesting video with hazing and locker room bullying becoming such a hot button issue after the Richie IncognitoJonathan Martin scandal with the Miami Dolphins.

Davis is clearly not fighting back in the video — which comes off as more playful than violent — in fact, he”s laughing and mugging for the camera.

We reached out to Univ. of Kentucky for comment … so far, no word back.

Ditto for Davis who”s now a star for the New Orleans Pelicans.