NBA 2K14 Honchos — ‘Bron’s Bald In Our Game … ‘Cause He’s Bald In Real Life!

Exclusive Details 1002_lebron_nba_2k14_bThe people behind the video game NBA 2K14 tell our sources … they weren”t trying to be haters when they receded LeBron James” hairline on his digital avatar — they”re just keepin” it real. 

In case you haven”t seen the images, 2K14 LeBron is WAYYYYY balder than 2K13 LeBron … and conspiracy theorists are suggesting the designers are anti-LBJ fans who were just trying to troll the guy.

But we spoke with a rep for the company behind the game … who tells us the digital art is simply imitating real life — “We strive for current realism.”

LeBron now joins the ranks of other legendary bald video characters … including King Hippo, Dhalsim, the guy from Hitman, Pacman, Mrs. Pacman and Kirby.